Complete And Partial Dentures

We have come a long way since your grandmother’s bulky, artificial looking dentures. Today’s dentures not only look more natural, but also fit better, last longer, and provide a reliable form of tooth replacement for many of our patients.

Are you missing teeth? Do you need a solution to replace some or all of your missing teeth? Are you unable to have implants for some reason? At Dr. Beth Kreider’s office, we offer complete and partial dentures as a tooth replacement option for our patients.

We know that having functional dentures is essential to maintaining your health and nutrition. We also know that our Colorado patients enjoy the outdoors, like to stay active, and want the confidence and reliability great dentures can provide.

Eating good food and speaking confidently depends on having reliable dentistry. No one wants to have an embarrassing moment due to old dentures that do not fit well.

Reliable Complete (Full) Dentures

Do you need your first complete (full) dentures or do you need to replace some ill-fitting dentures that no longer feel good? At our Denver dental office, our dentist, Dr. Beth Kreider, is highly skilled in denture and partial denture creation and replacement. We work with an excellent lab to make sure you receive dentures that look and feel great.

Complete dentures become necessary when you are missing all of your teeth on your upper or lower arch. We create full dentures from a pink (gum-colored) acrylic and individual artificial teeth.

We create your dentures especially for you. The shape, size, and color are customizable. Dr. Kreider will make sure your new dentures work well with your bite and provide both an aesthetic and functional solution for your tooth loss.

Are you getting sores from your current dentures? Your bone structure changes over time, and the dentures that fit you years ago may need replacing. Dr. Kreider can design updated dentures that fit well and look great.

Implant Supported Dentures

In order to provide increased stability and reliability, we offer implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures utilize strategically placed implants to anchor your dentures in your mouth. This eliminates the worry of having a denture fall out or move while you are talking or eating.

Implant supported dentures can be created for your upper or lower teeth and provide extra reassurance that your denture will stay put exactly where it needs to be. They also provide additional freedom to eat the foods you love.

Custom Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are necessary when you are missing a few teeth but still have remaining teeth. We will create your partial denture to work with your natural teeth and complete your smile. The results we want are comfortable and fully functional teeth so that eating and talking are a breeze.

If you have remaining natural teeth, we will work with you to preserve them. Natural teeth help to prevent bone loss and maintain your facial structure.

Your partial dentures will look like your natural teeth, so you do not have to worry about having awkward false-looking partials.

Call to Schedule an Evaluation

Do you need new or replacement dentures so you can have the freedom to eat and do what you want? Call our Denver dental office for a denture evaluation. Dr. Beth Kreider will outline your options and help you restore the look and function of your smile.