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What is a crown?

A crown (or a cap) refers to a dental restoration that fits over the top of your tooth like a protective helmet. Crowns become necessary when your tooth is fractured, has deep decay, is damaged, or has become otherwise compromised.

A crown requires Dr. Beth Kreider to prep your tooth. This means that she removes some of your tooth structure as well as all decay in order for your crown to fit over the top of your natural tooth. Your crown will be custom made just for you. The size, shape, and color of your crown will match your existing teeth.

Our teeth absorb so much force form eating and speaking that cracked teeth are pretty common. Dr. Kreider has performed numerous crown procedures over the last 28 years and is highly skilled at creating successful and attractive crowns to help you maintain your dental health.

Failure to treat a fractured tooth could lead to tooth loss and pain. A fractured tooth is a time bomb and can split down the middle at any time. Often, a split tooth causes severe pain and almost always needs an extraction. If you have sensitivity or pain in any of your teeth, let us know so Dr. Beth Kreider can look at it and let you know if it requires a crown.

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