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Why do I need to replace my fillings?

When we place a filling, we wish we could make it last forever, but because your teeth absorb force daily from chewing, talking, and possibly from grinding your teeth, fillings last on average from eight to ten years. Beth Kreider DDS does an excellent job with filling and eliminating decay. She tries to catch those potential problems as early as possible.

Over time, fillings can break down. They might just get old, or you might damage one by chewing on something particularly hard. No matter how you damaged it, the compromised filling can allow bacteria to enter your tooth. This means the potential for a cavity exists.

When we see you for your preventative exams and professional hygiene appointments, we look for any damage to your fillings. If we notice damage, it is important to replace your fillings as quickly as possible to avoid secondary decay.

In our Denver dental office, Dr. Beth Kreider offers both white and amalgam fillings. The type of filling you choose might depend on your own personal preference, where your filling is located, and how much force it will receive when you chew.

If you have a tooth with a large amount of filling material, we may recommend a crown to stabilize and protect your tooth.

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